Sound Proofing


                             Achieve Low Cost Easy Soundproofing

And Relief From Annoying Noise Problems

 If you want a great professional quality recording studio, or  home theatre, then this is important. Unintended, accidental or otherwise unwanted noise included in a recording separates the amateur from the professional music producer. These flaws will be immediately detected and rejected by the ears of experienced recording industry gurus, other musicians and ultimately disappointing the listening buying audiences.

Perhaps you are wondering how to deal with traffic noise, pets, trains, garbage trucks, emergency vehicles, the people next door or late night parties?

Here’s the answer: Many soundproofing guides are written by engineers who don’t have noise problems or they are written by professional writers who have never really had anything to do with real-world soundproofing!

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Why Is It That Every Soundproofing Resource On The  Internet  Fails to Mention The Following:

The Worst Offending But Most Easily Fixed Problems are an issue in almost every noisy music studio, home, apartment and building. . .

The massive impact of incorrectly installed soundproofing materials and how to make sure you or your contractor gets it right the first time

How to decide which parts of the room to  deal with first, in what order, and how to work out what will give you the greatest soundproofing success so that you don’t spend too much.

If you want to see firsthand some soundproofing traps, try typing “egg carton soundproofing” into Google.  This is the one that everyone has heard about!  You’ll get literally dozens of articles full of advice. Tragically though, egg cartons are a complete and utter waste of time (unless you want to store eggs), they absolutely don’t stop noise.  Other examples of poor soundproofing advice are plastic membranes for windows and a number of spray on soundproofing products for walls and ceilings.

We’ve selected the easiest, most common and cost effective techniques and materials for many studio, home, or apartment challenges.  The materials and techniques are presented with very clear descriptions, diagrams and real life pictures.

We believe this may be by far one of the best guides to sound studio (and home) soundproofing that you will find anywhere.

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