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h1This is about audio editing. So, far I have been editing pictures and creating videos and I must say that’s my forte however, as far as audio editing is concerned I have never tried my hands on in this before. Thanks to audio editing Flipped Lecture I learned something new. Though I am an amateur in this field but I am glad that I opened my doors to learn something new.

Audio editing is an amusing experience to record and edit music. I remember when I was young I used to record music but I never edited it apart from some song sequences for dance at a family function. There are some free software’s, which helps in editing audio tracks, such as Audacity, or Garageband (this is exclusive for Mac), Audio tool that is similar to Garageband it lets you create complex audio arrangements with some effects, Tunekitten Audio editor which is lightweight audio app and provide basic effect features however you cannot directly record, Reaper is another compact workstation through which you can record, edit, mix and put layers, etc. This is compatible with all the operating systems but you can use editor with Internet and it does have some cost involve post trial period is over.

Out of all the audio editors I liked Audacity, as it is excellent software for audio recording, editing, mixing and compatible with Linux, windows and Mac OS.

I would suggest before you initiate your recording project set Audacity preferences in the dialog box as this will help in ensuring the playback options are correctly set. Ideally set 44100hz and 16-bit as your sample format which is a standard frequency for CD and broadcast, I gathered this information while browsing some of the tutorials, which I believe is quite helpful tip. Audacity is very simple software to use and not at all complicated. The best thing about Audacity is it lets you record with multi track frameworks. All the tools are placed at the top, which makes it user friendly as well.


Oh I must tell you, Audacity comes with automatic crash recovery as well, so you can be assured you will never lose your work.

I have not created any tutorial nor I am showing what I experimented with Audacity rather I am providing you with some tutorial links so that you can experiment by your self and enjoy the art of audio editing. But, if you would like to try your hands on Garageband I have given link and for rest ‘GOOGLE’ :D

Audacity Tutorial 1

Audacity Tutorial 2

Basic Audacity Tips

Flipped Lecturer Tutorial

If you want to learn more about Audacity I would highly recommend book written by Carla Schroder ‘The Book of Audacity’

Garageband Tutorial for beginners

Introduction to Garageband

Happy Editing!

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Ghana Music

f_21310584364_country-music.jpgGhana is located on the Westside of Africa. She has Cote DIvoire, Togo and Burkina Faso as her neighboring countries, all being French countries. She is bordered on the south by the gulf of guinea where recently commercial quantities of oil have been discovered.

Ghana has always been a great place to be. Aside her location as the center most country in the world and tourist places, in entertainment wise, you would always love to be in Ghana. Many forms of entertainment comes in sports, movies, site seeing and music. Ghana music is one of the best in Africa boasting of some the continents greatest musicians in the name of the famous Osibisa Band.

Music is such an important part of Ghanaians culture. Before the introduction of modern ways of entertainment, rural music was part of the culture of the country. Instruments used during those days to make music were the atumpan, dondon and drums.

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Ghana is a very friendly country, ideal for first time travelers to Africa, the people are generally very helpful and welcoming. Ghana has a rich natural heritage. A narrow grassy plain stretches inland from the coast, widening in the east, while the south and west are covered by dense rainforests which are being developed into nature parks, such as the national park at Kakum, for ecologically-minded tourists. Music Travel and Tourism

Music tourism is a growing subset of cultural tourism and part of the recent trend to move away from mass tourism to niche tourism. This article looks at present services, attitudes and opinions regarding music tourism.Ghana music has evolved over the past years. Rural music became hilife, then from hilife to hiplife or GH rap and gospel music. Reggae, dancehall and hip-hop tunes have also been introduced into Ghana music.

Ghanaians love their music so much that they take it everywhere they go with them. Even at the football stadiums, you would hear these songs. The Ghana football social network, a supporters group in the country will be seen singing these songs all day long. The love for Ghana music is tremendous. Some locals see the music as a sacred part of their culture. They use the music to share stories and teach wisdom with it.

To really understand the euphoria behind the love for Ghana music, one needs to be in the country to see things for himself. You would behold such a great spectacle seeing group of people dancing and singing. You will soon fall in love with Ghana music.