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This is the real deal. The best way to sell your music on Itunes, Amazon, Spotify and more.  Straight-up business…I am using this website now for my music now (check it out: here
Album Distribution now only $29.99/year!. The “perks” are tremendous e.g., Free airplay (100 plays), with national and international distribution on internet radio….

This includes album art for the CD cover, including internet stores like iTunes, Amazon MP3, Spotify, Google Play, and more for an annual, flat fee. (Amazon is a physical store for distribution of CD’s)…and more
Sale price : $29,99 (per year)

I personally highly recommend this service. I recommend TuneCore to artists I meet and work with as I’m familiar with the service and staff. I like the company and the service they offer independent artists.

Be sure to check out the TuneCore FAQs should you have any further questions!

Record Label Business Plan

Want To Start A Record Label?

Start A Record Label With The Record Label Business Plan.

+ Many Essential Components That MUST Be Included In Your Business Plan Such As. . .

Company Description, Personnel, Recording of the music, Manufacturing, Distributing Off-line, Distributing Online, Music Videos, Distribution For Other Labels, Merchandising, Concert Promotion, Industry Analysis Of Independent Labels, Music Industry Sales Volumes – CD Versus Digital Sales, Marketing Goals And Objectives, Marketing
And Much More…

Sale Price:  $97.00

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Start Your Own Successful Music Company And Get Funding From Investors With A Professional Record Label Business Plan Template. Free Bonus Offers Included Such As The Musicians Upload Directory + A Big Music And Entertainment Business Contracts Package

Mission Statement
This section helps you define the general purpose of your music company, stating the main reasons it is in business, while it also serves as a reminder to the public and the employees within your company what you and the founders envision. General business purposes are mentioned here. Yours could be to dominate the Music industry offline and online across the world by producing and promoting high quality entertainment products. You can also add any additional goals for your music company such as becoming active in charitable activities, etc.

Executive Summary
This part summarizes the main highlights of your business plan, including what products and services you plan to provide. Important facts such as projected sales and profits, the number of unit sales, profitability and the keys to your companies success are mentioned here. This section also allows you to highlight any important information that you would not want anyone including potential investors to overlook.

The management Team
This component of your record label business plan identifies the individuals operating in key positions within your company, and what their duties and responsibilities will be. In addition here is were that person’s educational, business experience, and significant accomplishments will be highlighted which they will in turn bring to the table in order to contribute to the success of your music company.

Music Industry Analysis
This provides an overview of the music industry and recent changes, including mentions of digital music sales versus Compact Disc sales, single track downloads versus digital album sales, and other relevant up to date information that is important to be included in your music business plan.

Marketing & Promotional
This is an actual blueprint to work from or customize as it presents detailed marketing and promotional strategies from the initial release of music product, to subsequent releases. Some areas covered are promotion to Radio, television and video networks off-line and online with proper timelines and sequence in place, setting up interviews and public performances for the artist in support of the release, up to date strategies for creating demand online and off-line, and more…

The Financial Plan
One of the most important components of a Business Plan is The Financial Plan section. This part includes a Projected Balance Sheet with yearly totals, Music Project Production cost sheet, Projected Statement of cash flow, Break Even profit analysis, Use of funds statement, and all other parts that make up a detailed financial plan for your company.