Music Technology

f_01311109548_piano.jpgThe term music technology actually refers to the devices, techniques, styles, or effects which music artists use to enhance or even create a musical piece. One of the most common application of music technology is the music editing software that a lot of music artists use so that they may be able to arrange their songs easily.
Other may also use special effects which may contribute to the improvement of the song being created. A lot of musical genres such as techno use this kind of music technology in enhancing the outcome of a single music. Almost all of the techno songs nowadays are produced using computer editing software or computer-generated sounds or special effects.
This only shows that the technology itself is a broad field and is not only limited to one particular field.

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Technology In Music

If you will observe your surroundings, many people are engage with different high technology gadgets and most of the time people tend to use these gadgets in every day of their lives. Technology changes a lot, which is why people should be aware of the latest trend in technology today. Nokia N97 and Nokia 5800 Xpress Music: Technology for you

Communication, Telecommuting Today if a person wants to buy a handset then Nokia will be the first thought that will come into his mind. Nokia is world known for delivering high end handsets that fulfill all the requirements of the user. The mobile giant has its two handsets Nokia N97 and Nokia 5800 Xpress Music in the market that are gaining popularity. They are also available with various deals on the internet. Nokia N97: This amazing handset comes with 3.5 inches TFT resistive touchscreen and supports 16M colors and it also features Proximity s… Music Ringtones Review

Music ringtones are nothing but new versions of ring tones in which actual pieces of song with artists and singers are backed. All the new generation cells contain the technology of music ringtones like Nokia, Sony Ericsson, Motorola and many more. Easy to Use Technology Allows You to Record Your Own Music – And Become Rich and Famous

If you are like millions of other creative people in the world, you would probably like to produce, perform, or record your own music. This is evidenced by the popularity of television shows like American Idol. Couldn’t you just see yourself performing there and becoming the next great worldwide sensation? With the introduction of new technology, this dream is within everyone’s reach.Everything is possible with technology as long as you know how to use it properly. If you want to further your knowledge with music technology, you may find a university which offers this particular type of course. There are actually numerous universities nowadays which offer a course in music technology. The scope in the course music technology is not only limited to the music industry that we know today because it may also tackle programming, acoustic science, and music theories.
Music technology is actually a combination of two different fields namely music and technology. With this reason, it is just right that a student of someone who wants to know more about music technology itself should be knowledgeable of both music and technology.
This is to ensure that he will be able to cope with the challenges that he might encounter along the way.
If you are the type of person who knows a lot when it comes to computers and you also love music, then you should consider music technology as a viable career for you.

Musicians Who Transitioned To Movies

11311075009_freeconcert4.jpgChange is indeed inevitable. This age old adage holds true to form for musicians who attempt to transition from the song recording to movies. Here is a list of ten recording stars who were not only successful at audio recording, but also for their acting acumen. You can catch the music of all of these stars on internet radio.
Whitney Houston – as young as eleven years of age, Whitney began singing in gospel choir at her New Jersey church. Her self-titled debut album became the best-selling album when it was released, while her second album became the first of her albums to top the US and UK album charts. Her music industry successes have helped to make it easier for other African-American performers to showcase their talents.
Apart from being a great music artist, Whitney also made it to the silver screen, starring in

Ghana Music

f_21310584364_country-music.jpgGhana is located on the Westside of Africa. She has Cote DIvoire, Togo and Burkina Faso as her neighboring countries, all being French countries. She is bordered on the south by the gulf of guinea where recently commercial quantities of oil have been discovered.

Ghana has always been a great place to be. Aside her location as the center most country in the world and tourist places, in entertainment wise, you would always love to be in Ghana. Many forms of entertainment comes in sports, movies, site seeing and music. Ghana music is one of the best in Africa boasting of some the continents greatest musicians in the name of the famous Osibisa Band.

Music is such an important part of Ghanaians culture. Before the introduction of modern ways of entertainment, rural music was part of the culture of the country. Instruments used during those days to make music were the atumpan, dondon and drums.

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Entertainment In Ghana

All you need to know about Entertainment in Ghana Football In Ghana

Basic knowledge you need to know about football in Ghana Ghana Travel Guide! Places To Visit & Things To Do

Ghana is a very friendly country, ideal for first time travelers to Africa, the people are generally very helpful and welcoming. Ghana has a rich natural heritage. A narrow grassy plain stretches inland from the coast, widening in the east, while the south and west are covered by dense rainforests which are being developed into nature parks, such as the national park at Kakum, for ecologically-minded tourists. Music Travel and Tourism

Music tourism is a growing subset of cultural tourism and part of the recent trend to move away from mass tourism to niche tourism. This article looks at present services, attitudes and opinions regarding music tourism.Ghana music has evolved over the past years. Rural music became hilife, then from hilife to hiplife or GH rap and gospel music. Reggae, dancehall and hip-hop tunes have also been introduced into Ghana music.

Ghanaians love their music so much that they take it everywhere they go with them. Even at the football stadiums, you would hear these songs. The Ghana football social network, a supporters group in the country will be seen singing these songs all day long. The love for Ghana music is tremendous. Some locals see the music as a sacred part of their culture. They use the music to share stories and teach wisdom with it.

To really understand the euphoria behind the love for Ghana music, one needs to be in the country to see things for himself. You would behold such a great spectacle seeing group of people dancing and singing. You will soon fall in love with Ghana music.

French Music

f_11311074725_music-notes.jpgFrance has always been known for its taste in fine arts, especially in theatre and music. Since the days of the French intellectual revolution, music has become an integral part of the culture of France. Movies of that period were quite musical and that great tradition has been carried on till today.

Music in France the origin and Influence

Music in France has very interesting history. It has even been influenced by aboriginal music and sounds as well! Sounds weird, right? France has always been good at accepting intellectuals and culturally rich tribes and people from all over the world. Over the years, this has formed the very basic structure of French music. In case, one is really into world music, they will find some resemblance from Latin America, Asia and even African sounds in French music! That is truly a rich and diverse form of French Music.

Modern day France though has slightly shifted from the folk and classical versions of the same and has brought some pop and hip-hop French style beats into the culture.

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French Tapestries

Tapestry weaving was introduced into France around 1525 by Francis I at Fountainbleau but it was not until the Henry IV took the throne in 1589 that tapestries became serious decorating items. French Tapestries

Tapestry weaving was introduced into France around 1525 by Francis I at Fountainbleau but it was not until the Henry IV took the throne in 1589 that tapestries became serious decorating items. The Beauty Of The French Horn

For many years I have been very interested in one special musical instrument: the French horn. If you have never heard a French horn, well this intriguing brass instrument with a mellow tone. There are not small instrument. A normal French horn will be 12 feet of tubing and it is part of the bass family that Organic Music

The film industry is recommending that indie recording musicians who want to sync license their music make more organic music. This article covers what “organic music” means and how to achieve that.Yet, the real music of France resides in the classical and folk music.

French Classical and Folk Music

Purists attribute the beginning of French classical music from the sacred tunes of the Roman Catholic Church. History has it that the world famous French opera was first identified as classical music in the year 1646 performed in Carpentras. That was also the beginning of the French Opera! The great French musicians were also adept at composing ballads and songs of love that has this classical touch in them. Though they experimented with the classical fusion music by adding some ingredients of the folk music, purists preferred to stay with the original classical form which eventually became popular throughout the world!

The 19th century in France is heralded as the romantic era in the history of French music owing to the lot of passionate and romantic films released in that period. In the later half of the 20th century, some outstanding foreign composers had a major impact on Frances romantic era and that transformed the classical romantic era of music in France like no other.

Though, there are folk musicians in modern France, they have been sidelined to the mountainous region or even Corsica. You can on request find shows in Paris that cater to the tourists when they demand some folk music. All in all, modern French music still takes inspiration from the folk tunes! The most apparent usage of folk music is seen in the techno beats where the mixers take some part of the original French folk music, add some fusion beats and come out with a very hip hop kind of tune! Western France and the island of Corsica have been the major torch bearers of folk music and dance in France.

Moving over to the French classical music again, it bears close resemblance to Indian and Japanese classical and traditional music (read: notations) respectively. It is considered to be a less followed path but a more soul stirring music and hence is renowned, the world over. French music is really something to enjoy and cherish, especially if you have grown tired of loud music!