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Musicians Who Went to College

Don’t you ever wonder if these people that make much more money than the college-educated people you know ever went to college? Well, here’s some musicians that went to college.

Albert Hammond Jr. (of The Strokes) went to New York University’s Tisch School of Fine Arts. Ooh.
Chris Martin (of Coldplay) went to University College London, majored in ancient world studies and graduated with honors in Greek and Latin. (Can he be more perfect?)
Jim Morrison (of the Doors) went to St. Petersburg Junior College, then transferred to Florida State University, and then transferred to University of California Los Angeles where, alas, he finally graduated with a major in Film.
Dexter Holland (of The Offspring) is a funny one. The man who brought us “Pretty Fly (For a White Guy)” actually holds a bachelor’s in Biology and a master’s in Molecular Biology from the University of South California.
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Musicians Discovered On Youtube

YouTube has made a lot of people famous who may never have had the opportunity to become discovered. While not everybody gets a chance of stardom, a few have and they have done it up big. Who are the top musicians who have been discovered through this medium? Track and Field – Choosing a College

So you have decided that you want to run in college. The problem is that you do not know where to attend and which team to compete for. The information below will discuss thing such as location, coaches, teammates, facilities, and scholarships. 3 Tips For a Freestyle Rapper Who Wants to Collaborate

Are you a freestyle rapper who has the lyrics but needs help with the music? There are a lot of different places that you can go to and find someone or put an ad up to find someone to work with. This article will suggest some places that you can go to. Great Gift Ideas For the College Graduate

Wondering what to give to that recent college graduate? Check here for some interesting ideas and tips on what they might need, not just want.He coulda gone for his Ph.D in Molecular Bio at Cornell University, but chose not to so he could focus on The Offspring. Thank you, Mr. Holland!
Rivers Cuomo (of Weezer), on top of growing up on some farm and having a brother called Leaves (Rivers! Leaves! Dinner!) also went to Harvard and graduated with honors.
Brian May (of Queen) is — let’s see if I can say this without messing up — a bachelor of science in both physics and mathematics. Got his degree from Imperial College London. Similar to Dexter Holland, he could’ve gone for his Ph.D in Physics but Queen got big in the middle of his studies.
Lisa Loeb graduated from The Providence Institution with a degree in Comparative Literature.
Damian Kulash (of OK Go) graduted from Brown University. Yes, the guy that danced on the treadmills. He majored in Art Semiotics, of all things.

After those smarty-pants, here’s some honorable mentions:

Alicia Keys did graduate as high school valedictorian from New York Professional Performing Arts School, and got into Columbia University. However, she dropped out to pursue music, ironically, because she got signed to Columbia Records.
Pete Wentz (of Fall Out Boy) went to DePaul University and majored in Political Science, but dropped out senior year.
Davey Havok (of AFI) went to University of California Berkeley for a double major in English and Psychology, but alas, he dropped out.
Mick Jagger (of The Rolling Stones, fool!) went to the — ha, ha — London School of Economics for Accounting & Economics. He dropped out freshman year, though.
John Mayer went to Berklee College of Music for Guitar, but dropped out sophomore year.

Finally, we all love other people’s failures, right? Time for a hall of shame! Or, if you wanna look at it this way… proof you don’t need to go to college. Or even finish school.

Sir Elton John dropped out of high school so he would be a weekend pianist at a Pub.
Ringo Starr (of The Beatles!) apparently had a horde of medical troubles that led him to drop out of school. True story, according to my research — he ruptured his appendix, and was hospitalized and in a coma for 10 months. After he was all better (but not completely), he fell off the hospital bed, and had to spend an extra 6 months in the hospital. After that, he was so freakishly behind in school, he chose to just quit. Then some stuff happened, he met the Beatles, and he became part of a band “bigger than Jesus.”
Avril Lavigne dropped out of high school in 11th grade to pursue her musical career.
Not so much a “hall of shame,” but Jack White almost became a priest. He decided against the seminary, though, because they might’ve not accepted his guitar amp that he had just gotten.

Thanks to the Yahoo! Answers people,, the countless biographies of musicians on the web, and for keeping us entertained for a bit.

Musicians Who Transitioned To Movies

Change is indeed inevitable. This age old adage holds true to form for musicians who attempt to transition from the song recording to movies. Here is a list of ten recording stars who were not only successful at audio recording, but also for their acting acumen. You can catch the music of all of these stars on internet radio.
Whitney Houston – as young as eleven years of age, Whitney began singing in gospel choir at her New Jersey church. Her self-titled debut album became the best-selling album when it was released, while her second album became the first of her albums to top the US and UK album charts. Her music industry successes have helped to make it easier for other African-American performers to showcase their talents.
Apart from being a great music artist, Whitney also made it to the silver screen, starring in