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Near the end of her acting career silent film actress Alla Nazimova was advised by her 'business experts' to convert her mansion at the corner of Sunset Blvd. and Crescent Heights into a revenue generating property to provide for her retirement. By the time she had completed remodeling the house and adding the bungalow complex in 1928 she was bankrupt and forced to sell out. Eventually she was reduced to renting a flat in one corner of her former home.

' 'The Garden of Allah' became a magnet for artistic visitors when they stayed in Hollywood. The facilities included; an hotel, restaurant, bar, swimming pool, and a series of bungalows for even more 'Bohemian' guests.

In its heyday 'The Garden' was home to, amongst many others; Robert Benchley, Ernest Hemmingway, Gloria Stuart, the Marx brothers,
F. Scott Fitzgerald, Sheilah Graham (author of a magnificent book, "The Garden of Allah" Crown Publishing 1970) Dorothy Parker, Errol Flynn, Greta Garbo, and Humphrey Bogart. It was torn down in June 1959. In attendance was Francis X. Bushman, famed for the silent "Ben Hur." He and his wife Iva had attended the opening party as well.
It is now a pink strip mall with a MacDonald's, a Subway Sandwich Shop, and a pizza place - but no bar.


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8152 Sunset / West
8152 Sunset / East
Fountain and
Aerial View
Front Hotel
Pool Close Up
Souvenir Bell
A History of the Name Home Page
Sunset Blvd. - East / West Havenhurst - North / South Front of Hotel 8152 Sunset Entrance from West 8152 Sunset Entrance from East Pool area Aerial photgraph of entire site Crescent Heights - North / South Bungalows and Fountain Restaurant and Bar