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THEY! - Dimension Films
Forearm "Crawling
Worm" Element
Composited foreground element and Green Screen
'"Reflection" element, without crawling worms.
"Background Reflection Element". Only the
mirror's reflection needed to be composited
onto the Green Screen portion of the first
image shown.
Final Shot below, scroll down for full description.
Every project is different. "They" required subcutaneous worms to crawl up a victim's arm and erupt into
tentacles as they burst through her palm. The production company provided; the Green Screen element,
reference artwork, and the background reflection in the mirror. A two dimensional approach was taken for
the subsurface worms, generating them with Lightwave and compositing them with a displacement filter
in Digital Fusion. The tentacles were also generated in Lightwave, but as traditional 3-D elements.
(For Light Benders, Inc.)
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