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CHILDREN OF DUNE - Hallmark Entertainment
A typical background plate for Children of Dune. Shot in Hi-Definition format - smaller than a 35mm film frame, larger than a TV frame.
The flying disc elements were generated in Lightwave, using a reflection map made from the background plate. A separate reflection map was made for each of the different camera angles.
Final Shot below, scroll down for full description.
The disc element was composited with the background plate in Digital Fusion, and at the same time a slight amount of camera movement was added for a handheld look, and/or a slight zoom.

Right, the stunt man leapt and dodged as only a professional gymnast could, and it was up to us to interpret his movements and add what danger seemed appropriate. In some shots there are discs simply flying around in the distance, looking for an opening (and adding a little visual interest... and it was fun).
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